why to invest in Pakistan

Writer : Manal Zafar 

An investment is the commitment of an asset or item to achieve an increase in value over a period of time. Investment necessitates a sacrifice of some current asset, such as time, money, or effort. The goal of investing in finance is to generate a profit or return from the asset you’ve invested. An asset or item is purchased to generate income or appreciation. The term “appreciation” refers to an increase in an asset’s value over time. When an individual purchases something as an investment, the goal is not to consume it but to utilize it to build wealth in the future. The investment usually has a motive to create a stabilized and increased outcome that entails risk as well. It is also the leveraging of money for the surplus payback in the renowned market.

Sound Investments strategies in Pakistan

Rising industries in every country make investors contribute and generate high potential revenues. The revenue, in turn, strengthens the backbone of the economy. For ongoing growth, you must come up with investment strategies. Many thriving industries in Pakistan are to step in for investment, including real estate, investment in stocks, investment in bonds, and others.

Which one is the Out-shine investment industry in Pakistan?

Investing in the Real estate industry of Pakistan leads to heaps of revenue that is of much concern. To deal with this, most companies provide up-to-date and centralized investment strategies. If we probe into the investment strategy, most of the masses require is easy and legalized structure to invest in Pakistan.

Ease of Doing Business in Pakistan’s Capital

According to the World Bank ranking of ease of doing business, Pakistan is 108 out of 190 countries. But ease of doing business (EODB) can be more facilitated by attracting investors and investment by overseas Pakistanis. Every individual requires a business establishment in the country’s capital. Pakistan has made endowments in different departments like construction permits, property registration, and many others to make an investor-friendly and easy investment policy. So, Foreign investors do integrate with Pakistan’s ameliorated Investment friendly policy.

Pakistan has much focused on expanding its economy and developing ways for investment. For this, Pakistan has formulated the most remunerative investment policies like;

  • Minimizing the cost of investment in Pakistan
  • Easy Business registering processes
  • Protection of investment
  • Rights of investment
  • Property rights protection

Appealing Business for overseas Pakistanis to connect to their homeland;

The connection with the native country is always patriotic for an individual. One of the ways they can reinforce ties with their homelands is through investment plans. There are increased chances of growth through investment in a home-grown country. Overseas Pakistani individual usually supports their family in Pakistan. Presently, the most lucrative industry to invest in, in Pakistan is real estate. So, it will be a wise choice to buy a property that facilitates you after a time when its worth increases. Some overseas Pakistanis are keen to tap into the real estate industry for investments, usually in the capital (Islamabad). It is the best time to enter into the profitable Real estate industry and invest in Capital’s Luxurious Towers.

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