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Non-immigrant E2 visas allow foreigners to start and work for US businesses. Only citizens of treaty countries with USA can apply for E2 visas. You must invest a lot of money and run a US firm to receive an E2 visa. Your E2 company investment capital must be legal. As long as the E2 Company operates and meets all standards, the E2 visa can be extended indefinitely. In this article, we will discuss how to obtain green card through E2 visa.

E2 Visa to Green Card is one option immigrants may consider entering and staying in the U.S. legally. E2 visa holders cannot get green cards but they may be able to obtain permanent residency another way.
Investors can also qualify for E-2 visa by investing a lot of money in a U.S. business. Qualified applicants can extend the five-year visa indefinitely. It is worth mentioning here that E-2 is valid for 5 years, however the I-94 arrival/departure record, which may differ from your visa dates, is only valid for two.
The journey from E-2 visa to permanent residency might be complicated. But there is nothing to worry about because the Acquisitions can help you to reduce problems and time.
So let’s discuss the procedures how you can obtain green card through E2 visa.

E2-Green Card

If someone wants to obtain green card through E2 visa then the treaty investors that meet these requirements may be eligible for an E2 visa:
• U.S. treaty country citizen
• U.S. business investment continues
• Business growth, 50% ownership, or management.
• E-2 Visa holders can bring spouses and unmarried children under 21. If you     want to start a US business, buying a franchise can get you an E-2 Visa.

E2 Visa-Green Card Process

This method is difficult to obtain green card through E2 visa. PERM labor certification is one approach to modify your E-2 visa to permanent residence. To file your petition, you need a sponsor, a PERM Labor Certification, and filing costs.
The DOL must be contacted after an employer sponsors an E-2 visa holder. The firm advertises the visa holder’s job to U.S. workers to test the labor market. The business must fail to find enough U.S. workers for that position.
The process of getting DOL-mandated PERM labor certification takes almost 11 months. After the completion of this process, the employer must file documents with USCIS in order to establish the foreign national is qualified for the job and that the firm can pay the prevailing wage.
An employer can sponsor a second- or third-preference E-2 Visa holder. These include those with advanced degrees, extraordinary abilities, bachelors’ degrees, and skilled professionals.
E-2 Visa U.S.A. criteria and a free consultation from E-2 Visa World can help you understand the process.

How to change E2 Visa to Green Card?

E2 visas are not permanent residence. To become a permanent resident, you must change   as follows:

Family-sponsored EB-1 Green Card
EB-5 U.S. employer sponsorship

With the help of family sponsorship, spouses, parents, and minor children of U.S. citizens having lawful permanent status can get the permanent residency. Other than that, the close relatives may be eligible for green cards. This process can take a longer time than expected.
EB-2 National Interest Waivers may be needed to modify status. E-2 Visa World helps immigrant visa holders obtain permanent residency.
Foreign nationals can now qualify more easily since 2016. The National Interest Waiver lets applicants skip PERM labor certificates and employer sponsorship.
However, a candidate must demonstrate that their proposed activity or field of work has quality and national relevance, will benefit the US, and that they are well-positioned to advance it. A National Interest waiver is available to advanced degree professionals or exceptional individuals who meet the requirements.
The US Immigration Service will evaluate candidates based on their education, abilities, success, and future plans for consumers and users. E-2 Visa entrepreneurs may qualify for National Interest Waiver residence.

E2-Green Card

E2 Employee Visa to Green Card, which requires U.S. Employer Sponsorship, is famous. Employment-based immigration is possible if a corporation submits the necessary documentation to the Department of Labor.

E2-Investor Visa to Green Card

EB-5 is an alternative to E2 Investor Visas to obtain green card through E2 visa. Some may prefer an E2 Visa.
Invest $1.8 million (or $900,000 in an at-risk area) in a business that creates more than ten full-time U.S. jobs to acquire an EB-5 permit. Regional centers manage passive EB-5 visa investments. If all prerequisites are completed, an investor and family can become permanent residents after two years.
There is a need of less investments for E-2 visas. Just enough to make your business succeed. An active trader that employs others must also be invested in.
Learn why an E-2 Visa is better than an EB-5 Visa and explore the E-2 Visa investment requirements to decide.
E2 visas are enticing for foreign nationals to invest and work in the US for several years, but they do not guarantee permanent residency. E-2 treaty investors can renew their immigrant visas every five years, providing stability. E-2 Visa holders can apply for permanent residency through other employment or family sponsorship.
All these above mentioned procedures can help you to get green card through E2 visa

Acquisitions professionals can assist you comprehend and begin the US immigration process. The team can make the whole process smooth that you can get green card through E2 visa without any hassle.
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