Own a Fully Automated Done-For-You Business At Acquisitions, we believe in empowering and accelerating the entrepreneurships and business startups. We work diligently to provide you fully integrated, up to snuff and industry-focused consultancy regarding starting and maintaining your business in USA. We are equipped with adept team comprising business experts and proficient strategists to ensure that you are provided with all the befitting advisory, training, and management to create and develop a business in the USA. Ordinarily, it is an onerous task for the new entrepreneurs to develop a business in a new region or country, particularly when you lack the sufficient knowledge and expertise for a business and geographical area. To provide you the solution of this problem, we offer our in-house “6D Entrepreneurship” Model of business automation to generate and run your business on your behalf. We remain at your beck and call to offer you a 100% Hands-Off, fully functional, and Done-For-You business management service so that the entire burden shifts on our shoulders to grow and expand your business while you relax your concentration on it. Once started successfully, we then ensure that your business bolsters and booms with our data-driven and facts-corroborated plans and strategies.

Business Automation



Business Automation is fully Done-For-You Business Management Services where We Build You A 100% Hands Off Done For You Turnkey Business.
We build, manage, grow, and scale your Automated Business for you entirely!
Sit back, relax, and enjoy profits while we do all the heavy lifting for you.

Most of the Foreign Investors or New Entrepreneurs find Starting a Business in a New Region or Country very challenging, especially when you don’t have sufficient knowledge, skills and expertise for a particular business or geographical area.
We understand that and get you fully covered.

We Build and Manage Your Business, 100% Hands Off To You, so, You don’t have to.

Grow & Scale Your Business Asset

We focus on the strategic implementation of right resources, and digital transformation to enhance the operational efficiency of your business which eventually results in leveraging the robust technologies to add new revenue streams and performance increase as well.

Business is Complicated! Let Us Build & Manage It For You

Our Business Automation – Done-For You Services, is a smart alternative to starting a traditional heavy investment business in USA and taking the Risks for managing the business to meet the eligibility criteria for E2 visa.
We become your working / founding partner and work as business operator, in any startup, tech and ecommerce businesses where we have sufficient knowledge and experience to manage and establish and manage the whole business for you.

Key Highlights & Benefits

  • Low Investment Business Models
  • Higher success rate for US Investor Visa
  • Proven Business Expertise & Track Record
  • Secure & Risk-Free Business Model
  • Shared resources for Cost Optimization
  • Great Returns on Investment
  • Operational & Administrative Support

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Start eCommerce Business in USA & Get E2 Investor Visa

startup business plan for investors

Why Business Investor Visa?

  • Live and Work in USA
  • Visa for all Family
  • Work Authorization for Spouse
  • Stay in USA Indefinitely
  • Fast Processing
  • No education restrictions or limitations
  • No IELTS or Language Test
  • No experience required
  • American Lifestyle
  • High Level Education Benefits
  • World class Medical Facilities

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