Acquisitions LLC is a management services company, headquartered in North America, focusing on acquisitions of Lifestyle Assets worldwide. Acquisitions LLC is borne out of a burning desire to extend tenacious advisory and management service to the affluent and privileged in connection with Lifestyle Investment.

From maintaining and managing an extravagant lifestyle, to acquiring luxury assets, investing in real estate across the globe, securing a second citizenship, lifetime residence and establishing or owning an automated business, we provide all-encompassing and across-the-board assistance you need.

We persistently offer conversant consultations and first-class service that are bespoke to satisfy each client’s unique requirements. We ceaselessly endeavor for credibility, excellence and reliability to make certain that the trust and faith our valued clients repose in us is sufficiently valuable to justify their investment, time and interest. Market competitiveness, company growth and longevity are one of our constant aspirations.

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Founder’s Message:

My vision behind Acquisitions, is to craft alternative investment opportunities to generate value and portfolio diversification to affluent and Ultra HNW individuals and navigate them to acquire Lifestyle Assets like luxury real estate, automated businesses and second citizenships and build generational wealth and freedom, rather than a disposable income!

I go an extra mile to ensure that I am at the top of the game.

Raheel Sheikh

Founder and Chief Consultant

A versatile and professionally invigorated veteran and serial entrepreneur with business acumen, Mr. Sheikh has successfully launched, partnered, and acquired multiple businesses and have achieved multiple 7 Figures Business Success in his Career.

Thanks to the resilience of his progressive vision and a robust adaptation to an ever-changing economic environment, he has successfully managed a diversified portfolio of 15+ companies in different industry sectors like Consulting, Immigration, Investment Management, E-Commerce, Real Estate, Automobiles, Healthcare and Food and Beverages. He has maintained a stable growth and achieved all the traditional industry benchmarks since almost one and half decade now.

Journey of the Decade

From the fertile business sands of UAE, 10 years back, settling in the land of opportunities, the United States of America, as a consulting firm we laid our foundation with a mission to pave the entrepreneurial way for investors and businessmen and assist them in building a successful and sustainable portfolio.

That is an honorable oath we pledged to bridge brilliance with innovation in an era of technologies, digitalization and automation and we reached the 10th station of our ambitious intentions and goals and it’s just a humble success milestone achieved.

It is the growth and a success-oriented mindset that had led to the idea and ever since, it has been branching to and becoming now a monolithic reputable entity across the globe.

Our Ethos:

It’s all about Value! Providing a great value and experience to clients is our mantra. 

We skim off every member of our private client advisory team, with an emphasis on industry expertise and world-class service standards. The end result is an award-winning consulting firm that spans a global audience and delivers an exceptional customer experience.

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Strategy, Mission, Vision

Do you want to be even more successful? Learn to love learning and growth. The more effort you put into improving your skills, the bigger the payoff you will get. Realize that things will be hard at first, but the rewards will be worth it. Many of us have to be reminded that almost everything worthwhile in our lives is hard at first.

Learning to walk was hard at first, but gradually we learned and now it is effortless. The same holds true for our more advanced

our Team

Abdullah Sheikh


As the general manager at the startup business bureau his aim to incorporate the dos and don’ts that she learned over her four years of experience in management.

Samreen Durrani


As the operations manager at the startup business bureau her aim to incorporate the dos and don’ts that she learned over her four years of experience in operations.

Syyeda Izza Naqvi


with an education background in Project Management and two years of experience in Management. She started her career as a Project coordinator in 2020. Along with the professional experience, Ms Izza also has an understanding of digital market trends, team management, client management and has excellent people skills.

Mudaser Jaura


With a career spanning more than 25 years in sales and customer service, Mr. Jaura always endeavors to ensure that his clients’ best interests take precedence over everything else

Saleem Arshad


Dynamic professional with 13 years of diverse experience of corporate relations, business development and strategic coalitions with large and small businesses. An effective leader and motivator with ability to lead through the development process

Syeda Fatima Shah


With a Bsc. Hons in International Development from the University of Toronto, followed with an MS in Project Management from SZABIST, Fatima has a well-rounded experience in technical Grants writing, Content writing and brand strategy.

Kashir Manzoor


manages all our social media graphic design and development. Mr kashir, as a designer, in Acquisitions LLC and creates diverse and varied designs for social media platforms for our different business projects

Mohsin Siddiqui


With an educational background in Project Management and 1.5 years of experience in Project Management.



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